Open to SELECTED 2009 year old boys and 2007-2009 year old girls


The Players' Academy Team program is open to SELECTED (invitation only) 7-8 year old boys (2009 birth year) and 7-9 year old girls (2007-2009 birth year) as an introduction to the forging ground that encompasses the mental, physical, technical and tactical aspects of the game of soccer.

The players’ academy team is a perfect introduction to an age appropriate soccer skill development and learning environment that will assist in forming the character traits that will serve children for the rest of their lives.

All of this is accomplished within the structure of the clubs ‘Complete Player Development’ program. The Players' Academy TEAM program will:

  • Teach players of all ability levels how to develop an appetite for self improvement and training
  • Teach individual essential character traits and values
  • Prepare players that show potential the technically and tactically understanding for there desired level of play


Click here for sample curriculum.

The Players' Academy Team program curriculum recognizes the importance of characteristics of a player in the academy age. The characteristics integrated into our curriculum can be broken down into four main areas for analysis: Psychomotor, Cognitive, Psychosocial and Cognitive Development.

Typical Session

A typical practice session as part of the Players' Academy Team program could include any of the below four pillars: Warm-Up, Session Topic, Character Development and Games.


Philosophy behind Structure: The game should be an extension of the practice ground. An opportunity for the players to put into practice what they have learned during the week facilitated by the coach. It is called guided discovery were the coach understands that the player will make mistakes and allows them to do so as long as they are trying to do the right things.

In the Fall, players are encourages to play on their respective AYSO and area youth soccer association recreation teams in conjunction with the Players' Academy training session.  The 2009 - 2007 teams annual program will include participate in round-robin scrimmages, comprised of approximately six games and one additional tournament.

Annual Fees

$1200. (per player per 30 weeks/1session, round robin scrimmages & a tournament).  All first time participants must purchase a training kit (approximately $50 for 1 jersey, shorts and a pair of socks) available to purchase online (details will be sent directly to selected participants).