• Offer all motivated and talented youth players the opportunity to learn and develop both soccer and life skills in partnership with the highest quality coaching.
  • Provide an opportunity for players to develop the necessary technique that is essential to the long-term growth and development of their game.
  • Organize, teach, and discipline players to better understand the importance of a training regiment and being comfortable with the ball.
  • Provide players with a small-sided game environment that accentuates development and overall game understanding.
  • Create a free-flowing training environment that enhances player’s tactical understanding through solving problems in game-like situations.
  • Present a challenging environment that encourages competition as a vehicle to motivate players to improve individual performance.
  • Educate players to develop an overall knowledge and respect for all facets of the game through character development: teammates, coaches and opponents alike.
  • Create a fun and enjoyable environment where players receive positive feedback in the spirit and enjoyment of learning.
  • Encourage players to challenge themselves on a daily basis in all facets of life.

“When you can find that talent and form it, whether it's a 12-year-old from Argentina called Messi, or Xavi, or Pedro, the idea is the same. Talent is there, but talent formed and shaped from very young ages helps form their sporting identity."

Folguera (FC Barcelona Academy)