In conjunction with all Santa Barbara area youth soccer organizations, US Soccer, USYSA, Cal South and as part of the Santa Barbara Soccer Club we will operate the Players' Academy under the philosophy of:

  • Identifying and developing young soccer players of all qualities through modern and multidimensional systems of training designed to help prepare players to compete on the playing field and in life.

“Early Correct Identification and Enthusiastic Coaching fosters growth and development”

  • Offering all motivated and talented young players an opportunity to learn and develop both soccer and life skills at the Players' Academy in partnership with players, parents, coaches and schools.

“If you are good enough, you are old enough”

  • Present the opportunity for all motivated and talented young players to fully realize their athletic and academic potential and reach their personal goals by working with the best available staff and facilities.

“Hard work will overcome talent, but the talented who work hard will overcome everyone”

"One of the things that makes me proudest is that so many of our young players have university educations," Folguera (FC Barcelona Academy) points out. "In England, when a team selects a young talent, they don't take care of that side of things. We aren't just there to teach them football, we're there to educate them. From 11 to 18 La Masia is their home, we have to get to know them and teach them, be their family."