It is good to have dreams and aspirations. There are those that chase the dream of playing for the US National team, playing professionally, receiving a college scholarship or the simple desire to develop life skills through soccer. The Players' Academy in conjunction Santa Barbara Soccer Club and the entire community is a vehicle that helps facilitate these dreams and has a proven track record of assisting players with making these dreams a reality. The underlying question: how many players that come through our local ranks are advancing to these levels? The answer- a very small percentage. 

How many of the approximately 3.2 million youth soccer players will go on to play soccer in college?

“Roughly less then 2%”

 And what percentage of youth soccer players will become professionals? 

“Less then 1% at most will go on to become pros and less then .5% of today’s youth players will become part of the US National team’s roster.

- Sam Snow, USYSA Directing of Coaching -

So while the dream can be statistically difficult to realize, the ultimate goal for parents involving their children in sport is to help them develop into well rounded, good and healthy individuals as well as prepare them for the vast competitive world that awaits them.  And that is where The Players' Academy will help.  Sports fields and facilities are the forging grounds of character where admirable traits of persistence, pride, teamwork, caring, integrity and respect are molded. This forging is accomplished in conjunction with players, parents and coaches in the academy, providing competition that provides adversity and confidence in a controlled environment.